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Monday, December 22, 2014

7 Last-Minute DIY Gifts!

So...It's that time of year. Again. And, if you're anything like me, you've saved your Christmas shopping until the last minute. In order to avoid the feverish search on Amazon Prime for a gift that will get here before the 25th, join me and my fellow crafters and embark on a journey of selflessness and serenity where one's presence is a present within itself. Just kidding. Join me and my fellow
pro-craft-inators (get it?) and make some pretty darn cool last minute gifts.

#1 Origami Business Cards
Perfect for the little entreprenaur in your life.

#2 Minimalist Necklace
For the fashionista.

#3 Homemade Cookie Butter
For the Nutella-obsessed.

#4 Tissue Paper Mug
For the coffee/tea addict.

#5 An Adorable Cushion
For the twee friend.

#6 Glitter Candle Holders
For the Urban Outfitters-esque friend.

#7 Little Plant Houses
For the friend with the green thumb.

Hope your holiday isn't too stressful. I know in the past I've had many a midnight crafting sesh on Christmas Eve with my sister in our attic, but hopefully you'll spare yourselves the trouble. It's time to get down to business, people! Happy holidays, now go get crafting!

Ready, set, go!