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Thursday, October 23, 2014

diy: travel journal

 All of you weirdos out there who dream that one day you'll be written about in a history textbook, I'm right there with you. I feel like I have a constant narration in my mind; Fiona did not yet know it, but what she was about to do would be a crucial point in history.Or I dream of my journals being discovered one day when the world has changed and having it put behind glass in a museum somewhere. Anyway,even if you aren't as weird as I am (nerds unite!) you can still do this and it would still be super cool. I love writing while I'm traveling and being able to recall exact memories because I recorded them. I would've forgotten half of the stuff that happened while I was in the UK if it wasn't for my trusty journal. So here are a few tips to get you started:

1. Get a journal. This step is pretty obvious. I like the moleskin ones, and since my favorite color is green, I got green. Don't get a thick one - you always write less than you anticipate. Traveling is exhausting and breathtaking. A lot of times you just want to think about what you did that day, not necessarily write it all down.
2. Bring tape. They really might not have tape where you're staying, so definitely bring tape, even if it's just a cute little roll of washi tape.
3. Collect everything. Seriously there's no way you can collect too much for a travel journal! Grab postcards, save ticket stubs, nab business cards, tags, wrappers, flowers, maps, everything. It might seem trivial at the moment, but when you look back you'll definitely feel a twinge of nostalgia.
4. Write down everything. Really, guys. I didn't write for the last day and a half of my travels because things got so busy and I was absolutely exhausted, but I regret it so much now. Everything's different when you write in the moment - you still retain the same emotions, you remember small details that make the memory more vivid. I wish I could still remember little details to make the picture complete! Write down stories, weird details, strange people you saw. Pick something really common that feels completely foreign to you. For me, it was the air. Every time I breathed in I felt like I was drinking in something strange!
5. Bring cute little labels or stickers. Okay, so you don't really have to do this, but I sure think it makes it more fun. I divided my journal into sections for each part of our adventure. The stickers made it easier to divide them, and added a bit of artistic flare.

Safe travels!